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The opposition is demanding answers – and could even set up a committee of inquiry against the will of the GroKo.

The opposition is demanding answers – and could even set up a committee of inquiry against the will of the GroKo.

If it weren’t for two other defense giants in the coach’s favor: David Alaba and Robert Lewandowski enjoy the sun, Manuel Neuer is celebrating in Croatia – only Niklas Süle and Leroy Sané push extra shifts on Säbener Straße. While the colleagues put their feet up on a short vacation after a tough second half of the season, the long-injured national team is undergoing intensive training. League season fully operational in August. At the cup final in Berlin at the beginning of July against Bayer Leverkusen (4-2), he had already been in the squad without being used, but the 24-year-old wants more: Süle wants his regular place in central defense back.

As soon as possible. But this could be a difficult undertaking at first. In the months in which Süle struggled back after a cruciate ligament rupture in October, Rio world champion Jérôme Boateng surprisingly found his strength back under coach Hansi Flick, along with David Alaba, who has now risen to the position of defense chief of the record champions There are rumors of emigration (Manchester City, FC Barcelona), Boateng has long since risen to become a fixture in the back four.

Honorary President Uli Hoeneß had suggested to the 31-year-old to say goodbye last summer. Such voices no longer exist. Boateng’s contract with Bayern will run until 2021, until then there will be a bitter fight for a place in Munich’s central defense.

The pressure is great – especially since Süle is firmly planned for national coach Joachim Löw as a support for the defense. At the international matches in September, Löw is counting on Süle again, at the latest by the EM 2021 the Bayern professional should be the great stabilizer of the national team. To achieve this, Süle is doing a lot right now. “” Niklas is not off. He also wanted to train himself, which I think is good. He has some catching up to do, “” said Flick.

The ten days under the direction of fitness and rehab trainer Simon Martinello “” do him good in terms of the start of the preparatory phase for the Champions League. There he is, I think, one step further. “” Sané, who has signed a five-year contract and costs up to 60 million euros, is not yet eligible to play in the premier class. But the 24-year-old, who recently celebrated his comeback for Manchester City, still has some catching up to do after a cruciate ligament rupture. The real goal of Sané and Süle was the EM this summer months ago. The fact that the tournament was postponed due to Corona fit both well into the concept. “” I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I gained important time in rehab, “” said Süle.

A mission at the European Championship “” would have been a risk after this serious injury.biology essay services online But then “” players like Leroy Sané and Niklas Süle would have enough time “”, underscored Löw, “” to get back in top shape “”. Source: ntv.de, Thomas Niklaus, sid “In the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Barcelona were Boateng back in the first eleven. (Photo: SVEN SIMON / Pool) Bayern officials and the media were all too keen to attribute packed suitcases to Jérôme Boateng. But the ex-national defender feels absolutely at home with the record champions since he was back on support is in defense.

Change of club? Boateng would rather contribute to the successes of the future. Ex-national player Jérôme Boateng is currently feeling completely at home at FC Bayern after dissonances with the club’s management and recurring efforts to change things in the recent past. “Several details” are responsible for this change, for example head coach Hansi Flick. “” Of course, it is important for a player that he gets trust from the coach and that he enjoys football. This is very important. And that’s all given, “” said the 31-year-old in Portugal, where he is currently playing the Champions League final with the German champions. “” I get more minutes on the pitch and can show what I can.

I just enjoy every second on the pitch and every second with the team, with FC Bayern. Everything is fun, “” said Boateng. Under Flick, the 2014 world champion has become a regular and a top performer in the Munich defense again. His contract runs until June 30, 2021.

He doesn’t seem to want to change clubs at the moment. “” I don’t want to talk so much about the past anymore. I’m in the here and now, that’s what I concentrate on, “” reported Boateng. “” I cannot change what was in the past, I can only change what will happen in the future. I would like to do my part to ensure that we are successful as a team. “” He “” never gave up and kept fighting “”. While the management of FC Bayern has been publicly fighting for weeks to get David Alaba to end his contract in the summer of 2021 extended, the record champions are currently setting an even quieter tone with regard to Boateng.

There are many indications that the 31-year-old will leave the club by 2021 at the latest. Especially now that former defense chief Niklas Süle is back from his cruciate ligament injury. The Bayern superiors are probably not in agreement.

The head department on the Isar is said to have made the decision that Boateng should leave FC Bayern with an offer. That reported the “” Sport Bild “”. Accordingly, head coach Flick does not share this view. Source: ntv.de, dbe / dpa “Niklas Süle is back and fit. (Photo: Stefan Matzke / sampics / Pool) It takes almost 300 days after a serious injury until Niklas Süle finally gets it defending for Bayern again. But there will be no marching through to the Champions League starting lineup. During training on the morning after the longed-for comeback, Niklas Süle received one or two instructions from Hansi Flick in a brief conversation .

In the unit on the club site, the central defender headed the balls out of the danger zone on Saturday, switched to the build-up game and showed a good positional play. The return to competition mode in the 1-0 test against Olympique Marseille gave the long-injured national soccer player a further boost. Niklas Süle is back 286 days after the second cruciate ligament tear in his career. At first it was just a test match, but the first minutes of competitive play could soon follow in the Champions League. “” When I’m needed, I’ll be there, “” promised the 24-year-old after a long struggle on the way to his comeback. At 19.

In October, Süle was injured at 2-2 in Augsburg. “” It was not an easy time for me, it took a little longer than I thought. I’m really happy to be back on the pitch with my colleagues, “” said Süle, who wore a long-sleeved shirt during training on Saturday in midsummer temperatures. Buddy Leroy Sané stepped up the speed dribbling in the Süle team. Sané and the other newcomers were spectators on Friday afternoon when Süle was allowed to play for half an hour for regular Jérôme Boateng in central defense. It all looked neat, but it was not yet possible to rate this mission sustainably. “” For us, Niklas is now another option, “” said Flick. “” We’re all delighted that he’s back on the field.

He worked hard to be there again, so it’s a great day for him and us. “” The Munich team started with the formation that will be pretty much the same as the starting XI against Chelsea. Even before the game at MagentaSport, Flick was happy about the current state of his team: “” The team is very focused, demonstrates high quality and intensity. Everything was as we always want.

They do that very, very well. It’s not an everyday occurrence, so we’re very satisfied. “” National coach Joachim Löw should also be pleased that the 24-time selection player is picking up the rhythm of the competition. At the beginning of September, when the national team starts again, both Süle and Sané could collect more match practice in the DFB circle. Spain on September 3rd in Stuttgart and Switzerland four days later in Basel are the opponents for the German team in the Nations League. But first of all, the decision in the Champions League is pending.

In order to participate, Süle even struggled with extra shifts during the colleagues’ holiday weeks. “” I have invested a lot for this tournament, “said Süle. From August 12th to 23rd, the championship title will be fought in Lisbon. After beating Chelsea FC 3-0 in the first leg of the last 16, Bayern have the best chance of making a perfect move at home next Saturday. If everything goes as planned, Süle could collect more time as a joker. “” When you play your first game after nine and a half months, it is clear that not all processes are right and the level of excitement is not there yet.

But I feel very, very good about my fitness level, “” said the defensive giant, who had not played as a squad returnees when he won the cup against Leverkusen in early July. “” I’ve worked well. Of course, I now need the game minutes to regain my old strength and then to take the next step forward in the next few weeks. “” Source: ntv.de, Christian Kunz, dpa “Family Minister Giffey has to fear for her doctorate again. (Photo: imago images / Metodi Popow) After allegations of plagiarism against Family Minister Giffey in her doctoral thesis, the SPD politician initially got away with a reprimand. A new legal opinion now casts doubt on this mild punishment. The Free University of Berlin is now withdrawing the reprimand and wants to re-examine the case. The Freie Universität Berlin (FU) wants to lift its complaint in connection with the examination procedure for the doctoral thesis by Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey and make a new decision.

This was announced by the presidium of the university. The reason is a new general report by the legal scholar Ulrich Battis on behalf of the university. This concerns the instrument of reprimand in proceedings to review the award of an academic degree in accordance with the Berlin Higher Education Act. Giffey had the FU itself in February 2019 to initiate a formal review process because of their dissertation “Europe’s way to the citizen – the politics of European Commission for civil society participation “” asked. After completing the exam in autumn 2019, the university decided not to revoke Giffey’s doctoral degree and instead to issue a complaint. In spite of the identified deficiencies, it could not be fundamentally questioned that the dissertation was an independent academic achievement, the FU announced at the time. From the new report, the Presidium can see that a complaint is only permissible in a less serious case the FU announced.

However, this was not stated in the final report of the examination board for Giffey’s 2019 dissertation. Therefore a new test should be carried out. Giffey has the opportunity to comment on the intended annulment of the complaint decision.

The Berlin CDU had previously described the issue of a complaint by the FU as unlawful and demanded that the proceedings be reopened. Giffey is considered a candidate for the SPD top candidate in the Berlin state election next fall. Originally, she was supposed to be elected to head the regional association last weekend. The party congress was canceled because of Corona. Source: ntv.de, jog / dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of the investigation committee The toll committee has to wait until shortly before midnight, then finally appears Transport Minister Scheuer.

Before the Bundestag committee, he defended his approach to the toll project and counters the allegations of the prevented operators. The U committee on the car toll is approaching its climax. When did who want the toll contract to be signed?

The operators of the consortium, which should collect the money, burden Minister Scheuer heavily. Did he lie to the Bundestag? By Frauke Niemeyer It is a crucial meeting: Transport Minister Scheuer testifies for the first time in the committee of inquiry into the failed car toll. An explosive appointment.

Especially since the manager of a toll operating company raises serious allegations before him. Accordingly, the minister lied to the Bundestag. Federal Transport Minister Scheuer appears today before the committee of inquiry into the car toll affair. SPD man Schneider says that if the minister lied, “” then it is a difficult situation “”. Committees of inquiry are notorious for their highly complex subjects.

At the toll committee on Thursday it will come down to a very simple question: Has Transport Minister Scheuer lied to the Bundestag? If so, that could end his career. By Frauke Niemeyer The possible chairmanship of the AfD at the Wirecard investigation committee causes disagreement in the Bundestag faction. According to parliamentary practice, it would be the party’s turn. But at least one representative of one party wants to prevent that.

The accounting scandal surrounding the payment processor Wirecard could soon be an issue in the Bundestag. After the AfD, FDP and the Left, the Greens are now calling for a committee of inquiry. Together, the opposition parties have the necessary number of votes to initiate a parliamentary investigation. When did the federal government know about irregularities at Wirecard?

What did she do about it? The opposition is demanding answers – and could even set up a committee of inquiry against the will of the GroKo. The federal anti-money laundering unit is currently examining 144 transactions. The Wirecard scandal is by no means over from a political point of view. The federal government is not getting rid of the case.

The Finance Committee will meet again at the beginning of the week. Is there a committee of inquiry afterwards? The opposition has many questions. “BKA boss Holger Münch also has to justify his own decisions in the Amri case. (Photo: imago images / Christian Ditsch) In December 2016, the assassin Anis Amri killed eleven people with a truck on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz. To this day, many things are still in the dark, but the committee of inquiry into the case made it clear that the authorities had misjudged Amri’s potential risk.

Almost four years after the terrorist attack on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, the German police are still looking for a Tunisian who is said to have instructed the assassin Anis Amri via chat from abroad.